Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/01/2006

The World of Yaxlich
New month, great new blogs being featured! Bobby really likes this blog and has kind of been saving it for a special occasion, but Bobby got sick of waiting and figured that a new month is semi-special enough to go ahead and post.

The first thing you need to know about Yaxlich is that he's British. The second thing is that Yaxlich ALWAYS, 100% of the time, refers to himself in the 3rd person (you may have already caught on that Bobby has adopted this style of blogging for this entry). It makes reading the blog more interesting, it makes it seem like a cave man has his own blog. It's a unique twist like this that makes reading a personal blog that much more interesting. Thirdly, you must know that Yaxlich is obsessed with Britney Spears. For anything else you mind need to know about him, check out his first post ever.

Yaxlich just hit his 100th post, which is an excellent sign of longevity for a blog, because Bobby really doesn't think many make it past that milestone. For reference, Bobby feels like he's poured his heart and soul out for a long time working on this blog and to date this entry will only be his 96th. Yaxlich with his unique caveman-ish style posts about a wide-variety of topics, which are always interesting. If you'd like a great recap on the topics he's had in the past, just check out his 100th post here.

One interesting thing that Bobby has to mention really quick is that Yaxlich is a little obsessed with numbers (as is Bobby, being a math teacher). He recently has this post on numbers. Two interesting figures that come from this post are:
"11 - The most comments he has had on any of his posts" AND
"63 - The most number of visitors to his blog in a single day"

Now, beating that record of 63 won't be difficult at all. Bobby could've probably simply written "ehh, this blog is ok," and so long as he included a link, Yaxlich would beat 63. But, Bobby doesn't want to assume that beating 11 is a let's make it happen people!

So, please (at least 64 of you) check out Yaxlich at "The World of Yaxlich" and leave some nice comments (at least 12 of you!). Let him know that Bobby (aka me) sent you!


Reeholio said…
A well deserved award. Reeholio visits Yaxlich's blog every day because Yaxlich always makes Reeholio laugh. It's catching isn't it?!
Yaxlich said…
Yaxlich would like to thank Bobby for giving him this award. He's not too sure about the cave man reference but is sure that Bobby means this in the nicest possible way and assumes that it's another example of American English which he is unaware of.
Prometheus said…
Prometheus learnt of the felicitation of Yaxlich when he returned for his daily dose. Prometheus thanks Bobby for recognizing a fellow third-person-speaker and welcomes him to this fold. Prometheus also issues an Order of the Empire upon Sir Bobby for awarding two of his fave blogs, the other being Lizza's.
Becky said…
He's too funny!
Nice 100 posts! : )

I just hit 155 and 2 years : )
Dantes said…
Hey nice blog. Very interesting. Check out mine at Good Luck with everything bye:)
Lizza said…
Yay, Yaxlich! Excellent choice, Bobby.

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