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Well, I decided to keep the updates coming on this site because the number of submissions and votes seems to be growing as I do. If you are just checking in, be sure to read the previous couple posts before this one.

All great blogs please move to the front of the line
My first priority of the day is to rework the ordering system. Currently, when you log on to the page to vote for different categories, the order the sites are presented in is completely random. Thinking about this, I decided it wasn't completely fair. After all, shouldn't the ones that are voted to have a better score than the others receive more hits? But by the same token, I don't want the best to be first, the 2nd best to be 2nd, etc., because then you are biased as a voter, knowing what others thought of the site. So, I needed to find a way to give preference to the highly voted sites, but still keep it kinda random. So, the way I am working on accomplishing this is by generating a random number from 1 to 100 and then multiplying that by the average score and ordering them that way (from highest to lowest). So, a page with an avg. score of 4 and a random roll of 80 (4*80 = 320) would come before a page with an avg. score of 2 and a random roll of 90 (2*90 = 180), but that page would come before a page with an avg. score of 4 and a random roll of 40 (4*40 = 160). Anyway, sorry to go into so much detail, but hopefully you get the point.

May I get you a link, sir?
The second thing I hope I get to today is building a new link exchange directory. Of course, like everything on this site, it will be COMPLETELY AUTOMATED. That means once you add a link to Blankest Blank, it will AUTOMATICALLY appear in the directory. No more waiting a week (OR MORE!) for me to manually add it. But to give it a Blankest Blank twist, all links will be of the form "the ______est ______ blog," and the actual title of the blog will appear when you hover over the link, for example:
The Most Frequently Updated Blog
So, you get to self-proclaim your blog with a title, you can pick something that will appeal to a crowd that would be interested in your blog. As an added incentive, I am going to make it so that 5 or 10 blogs from the directory randomly appear on the front page at all times. And doing the link exchange will again be the only prerequisite for entering into becoming "Best Blog of the Day."

Plus, in case you didn't know it, the words in a link influence Google's page rating for your site and those terms...so you should pick something that you could envision somebody searching for on Google to arrive on your site.

Also, yesterday I added a forum to the site. Nothing fancy yet, but if you wanna start any convo's over there about this site, feel free.


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