Some early results

I just thought some of you might be interested in the early results of voting for the best blog. When voting ends, there will be an official results page, but I just thought you might be interested in seeing things so far. I'll just do the top 10 so far.

1. Boing Boing, score is 3.44
2. Blog About Your Blog, 3.40
3. Flip This Body, 3.29
4. Micro Image, 3.27
5. Here Comes a Storm, 3.24
6. Doctor Anonymous, 3.19
7. Critique My Blog, 3.14
8. Shoe Money, 3.07
9. Peggy, As She Is, 3.06
10. The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas, 2.95

So congrats to the early leaders, all of these are very good blogs if you are interested. This is the top 10 out of the 69 submissions I've received so far!

Otherwise, things are coming along. I am still working on that directory, as well as a login script and other things. The voting pages are looking very nice and would love to hear some opinions on that. The Blankest Blank Forum has a couple of threads going and is picking up steam. I'll keep ya updated!


PoEt said…
awesome, thanks for the mention! Surprised at 2nd, the hits have slowed down some
Anonymous said…
I love the voting page. I suggest that the top thing where you click "Home" and "Forums" be englarged a bit. Because the words seem a bit scrunched.

Also, still wondering why your back to adsense.
Bobby Griffin said…
I agree about the words being scrunched a bit...but unscrunched they wouldn't even fit on the page on small resolutions. It's something we're working on!

As for adsense, I decided to give them another try. I am really trying to optimize this site for search engines, and targetted ads are the way to go in that case. The first sign of nonsense and I will probably bail!

I would love to do Yahoo Publishing Network (YPN), but you need to have a certain amount of site traffic before they'll accept you. So, when this site starts to take off, perhaps you can expect a switch.
Lexa Roséan said…
the voting system is not clear. Is 1 the best score or is 5?
Bobby Griffin said…
5 is meant to be the best...I guess I should make that more clear, but I'm not sure the best way to go about it!
Anonymous said…
Maybe put something under 1 and under 5. Like


You tweak the font size to make it sensible. Or maybe

1=Worst 5=Best
msquared said…
Cool glad to see that The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas made it into the top 10
Starrlight said…
Woo! Top 10 =)

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