One submission per URL (and other changes)

Well, one of my regular readers R2K helped me out with a bug even if he didn't mean to. Well, R2K submitted his blog multiple times into the running for Best Blog. Although I'm sure he didn't mean to, this is an obvious no-no, but it needs to be prevented on my end. Once a blog is submitted its submitted, if it is submitted again (even if by a different user), there needs to be an error message that pops up stating such. This is a very easy fix, it's more tedious then anything, and first on my agenda today.

The one vote per IP address concept came out very nicely. If you want to see a really nice addition to the site that I made, you'll have to vote through ALLLL of the funniest jokes or best blogs (currently about 20 and 60 of each respectively). After you check em all out, it makes it REALLLY easy to go back and give an extra look to the ones you liked the post. If I could get a couple of people to check out this feature and report back to me, it'd be really helpful.

I am still working on the automatic link exchange directory. I think I should be able to have that done today, I think this feature might really help boost this site and everyone who contributes.

On the visual side of things, my friend and partner has a pretty good design in the works, but it'll be another couple of days before this design is integrated into the actual site. After which I'll definitely need some feedback (no worries, it'll be much prettier than my blog looks now!)

I guess the only other thing to mention is that we got approved for Adsense and you'll now see that on the page. Oh and the Adsense takes up 160px, but then the entire rest of the width is devoted to the thing you're voting on. It used to have a static 800px width, but now it stretches to fit the page.

Any comments/questions would be very helpful. You can leave em here or in the Blankest Blank Forum. Thanks!


Starrlight said…
I am still getting the beta test site when I go to Am I supposed to see something else? Cleared cache cleared cookies.
Anonymous said…
No Starrlight, that is correct. Working on the actual homepage isn't a high priority right now since it's main job is just to organize the site and present it accordingly.

However, if you go to one of the voting sites, you'll see some significant improvement!
Anonymous said…
I thought you didn't like AdSense? I remember way back when that you lost $100 dollars because your broke the rules or something, but you actually didn't?

Why don't you use AdBrite?
Machiavelli said…
I think you should add a way to tell which is the highest rated blog so far. That way I'll know how many times I'll have to cheat by changing my url/ going to the library and voting with 20 computers.

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