New category: Funniest Video

Well, this morning I opened up a 3rd category over at Blankest Blank. That is the category of funniest video. I've already nominated about 10 of my own recent favorites from StumbleUpon, so let the funniest video voting begin. If you have a favorite of your own, please feel free to nominate it, whether it's hosted on YouTube, or embedded in your blog, it doesn't matter, so long as at least YOU think it's funny! Enjoy!


Last Minute Lyn said…
what did you do to the Random Blog button...I can't get it to work now
Anonymous said…
Sorry about that Lyn...I'm making some adjustments on that page. If you want in the mean time you can check out this link, it should have what you want!

Or you can vote for the best blogs over at Blankest Blank!

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