The Directory is a HIT!

Hey guys, I'd like to thank the 36 of you who have joinined the new directory in under 36 hours. Definitely more than I expected! Hey, if you haven't joined yet? Whatcha waiting for? Read more about the directory below...


Michael Hurley said…
How can I get votes for my blog.
R2K said…
: ) I will vote for you.
BobbyT said…
Is this thing still active? I just joined
We have lots collections of small tables. Is it made of solid mahogany wood or teak you can find it in Indonesian solid mahogany tables and Small Tables
Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Paul Gang.
M.KATE said…
interesting, didnt know this blog existed
Tim Noble said…
PT. New said…
We have some collections of teak garden furniture made of solid teak plantation wood grade A only from Indonesia.
Thank you.
Charles Siahaan.
Anonymous said…
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Emanuel said…
I bet you did more than 36. I give you much respect.
rrj said…
Really best blog.
Tom martin said…
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