Another top 10 update and big contest on the horizon

Ok, so I thought it'd be fun to take another look at the Top 10 in the voting for best blog over at my new site. The #1 blog at the last update got about 50 clicks in 3 days out of the deal, so let's see who's on top this time:
1. Flip This Body: 3.33
2. Blog About Your Blog: 3.17
3. Here Comes a Storm: 3.13
4. Doctor Anonymous: 3.11
5. Peggy, as she is: 3.08
6. Random Acts of Kindness: 3.05
7. Shoe Money: 3.04
8. Skittles' Place: 3.03
9. Critique My Blog: 3.02
10. It's a Blog Eat Blog World: 2.93

I'd have to agree with this list to the large part. I gave every blog on this list a vote of "5" myself. By the way, if you've already voted for best blog, know that you can vote again. I reorganized my database a bit, and as a result, I had to erase the database that kept track of who already voted.

Also, I mentioned a few posts ago that I'd be having a competition to find out who is the "Bestest Blog of the Year." Well, today, I took several steps toward setting that up today. First of all, I went through my entire blog and found all the blogs that qualify to run for the award: former "bestest blogs of the day" that have been updated at least once in the last 30 days. If this describes your blog, then no worries. You're already need to go submit your blog or anything like that. All in all, this worked out to be 105 totally awesome blogs (though it was sad to check out some of the great blogs that have gone inactive).

I was also working on the specifics of what the winners will get. The top 10 of those 105 blogs will have a permament spot in my sidebar here at Bestest Blog (replacing the "blog of the month" and "featured blog" in the top left). Complete results of the voting will be shown on the "Blankest Blank" category page, with 1-10 on the main page and 11+ on a second supplementary page. Also, the #1 voted blog will hold a prominent spot on the "Blankest Blank" HOME page for the next year (until we crown a new winner). So, lots of exposure for the top 10 and even more for #1.

I'm also working out the details of a CA$$$$$$$$$H prize for the overall winner. I am thinking that I will be donating $0.01 for each vote that is cast for the winner, with a max of $50.00 (5,000 votes). So if 1 person went and voted for each blog (105 of them like I said), that would already be $1.05 towards the winner.

I will also be accepting some sponsors if anyone is interested. Sponsored links will appear ABOVE the Adsense on the voting/results page. 100% of all sponsored money will go straight to the winner. Please email me if you are interested in being a sponsor.

So, voting is not going on yet, but we're getting close. I need to do a little extra checking to make sure the voting is tamper-proof (or at least tamper-resistant) before we get underway. If anyone has any questions as to extra which 105 blogs were automatically entered, please leave a comment. Thanks!


msquared said…
I was sad to see that The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas has been knocked off the top 10!
Anonymous said…
The best way to combat this (and the strategy for anyone who wants to REALLY win the big contest) is to chat up Blankest Blank on your site and tell people to go and vote for you! 6 or 7 votes of "5" would definitely move Tomas back to the top!

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