Radio Show

Tonight at 9:30 I will be calling in to Dr. Blogstein's radio show. If you'd like to read all the details about it, you can check out Dr. B's post here. This is my first interview of this kind, and I'm kinda nervous. But Dr. B is hilarious and I hope I can play off that a little bit to make some jokes of my own. If you can't tune in live, I do think the show gets archived. I'll be sure to put up a link afterwards.


Dr. A said…
Good luck and have fun! I know Dr. B will keep things light.
Lexa Roséan said…
I'll be tuning in and I have faith that Bobby will be up again and rockin and rollin.

Here's another challange for you Bobby (as if you don't already have enough!) Your random blog button did not produce any additional traffic for my blogs and I already let you know that. In addition, when you use the random blog button (as oppossed to using next blog button) the only URL that shows up is your own. So if I come across a blog that I really like, I can't bookmark it. Even if I hit the back button, it doesn't take me back there. these are serious flaws that you may want to iron out in order for random blog to really match the quality of the original blogger button.
bestest of luck!
Dr. A said…
Great job, Bobby. How about this? The Bestest Blog Radio Program? That would be interesting, wouldn't it?
Lexa Roséan said…
Hey Bobby
you did well with the radio show and held your own. Congrats!
Skittles said…
I didn't listen to it that night, but did on Thursday. It was nice putting a voice with the face. Thanks for taking the high ground.
R2K said…
Oh ill have to hear that.

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