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A friend of mine introduced me to Stumble Upon this week. I had heard of the site before, but never thought to give it a go. It works kinda like the Random Blog button, except it doesn't just cycle through blogs. Well, after a day or so of using it, I've found a bunch of cool sites with it. I'll do a more in depth post about it later, but if you're interested, try it out!


PoEt said…
Make sure to stumble your own blog :D I just stumbled ya
Chris said…
Stumble Upon is internet crack, wave goodbye to the rest of your life.

How is the random button doing? I haven't had a hit from bestest in a couple of weeks which is a shame...

BTW, your PR's showing as 2. What is Google on?
delhi.king said…
Add my link on your blog, tell me when you have done that and i'll add you too.
msquared said…
I"ve been using Stumble Upon for quite some time now, it is very addicting your always like just one more stumble and than I'll stop, yet 20 stumbles latter your still clicking the stumble button.

It's also a great resource to find interesting stuff to blog about.
Also if you end up visiting my blogs while your stumbling feel free to click the I Like It button!

The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas
Wasting Time
My Throwaway Blog
Julie said…
Bobby, I wanted you to see a comment that I just left on Skittles site. I didn't want you to stumble upon it randomly and it look like I was talking about you behind your back. So here it is:

"I also am disappointed in Bobby. Seeing that fake weight loss website that he just made to do PayPerPost REALLY turned me off. Especially since my blog is a weight loss blog and all of his posts as "Tanya" were written like he was mocking the genre. When I check my Sitemeter stats, out of 100 hits there is maybe 1 from the Bestest or Random blog button. But usually NONE. Most of my hits are from regular readers or people who found me through a Google search. I just took my Random Blog Button away and I think I'll do the same to the Bestest link. Anyway, I'll soon be writing Bobby to tell him this - maybe it will set him straight, maybe not, but he needs to hear it. I recommend to anyone having similar moral issues with him that you tell it to his face and maybe he'll get his act together. He's a smart and innovative guy, but all that's happened recently has left a bad taste in my mouth."

I really hope you make some changes. I was really, really disgusted to read "Tanya's" blog. For now I'll be removing my links to your site. Let me know if you take my advice and I'll consider re-joining the community.

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