Reduced Hits

Many of you have been complaining about reduced hits from the Random Blog Button. Let me assure you that the few who have spoken up are not alone. This is affecting everyone!

Without going into too much boring coding detail, the problem arose when Blogger FORCED me to switch to New Blogger. Though everything may appear to be in working order, obviously by the reduced number of hits behind the scenes it isn't working as well.

There is no easy fix here. It's not like I'm being lazy or too busy to get around to type in a few lines of code and VOILA! Granted, I have been EXTREMELY busy, and this may be delaying it somewhat, but it's not easy. Basically, I need to come up with a new coding strategy to get your hits back up to normal. Not impossible, but not easy either.

Like I said in a post below, I have finally finished the move and once I get my desktop set up in here (and allow a day or so for the back to unsore itself), I will be working steadfast on the problem with all the free time I can muster. I know those of you who have seen what I am capable of do not doubt my ability to get things back on track (maybe even better than before) with enough time.

Sorry that I could not respond to any individual emails or comments (and there have been quite a few), but I hope this addresses everything!


Skittles said…
We'll be keeping the faith.. welcome back!
Todd said…
I feel your new blogger pain. I feel your moving pain too, just did that back in November. I think the apartment move was more painful then the Blogger move, but not by much.

Glad you're back!

-T- (#42)
flic said…
Yes, I've signed up a month ago and I've only got one or two hits from the random blog button...

Do I need to donate money?
The Beach Bum said…
Bobby -

I have also been having problems since I switched to the New Blogger.

I thought it was just because I am inept at blogging.

However my hits are up since I switched over. Mostly people from China.

My concern is that very few people that visit leave comments on my Blogs.

The Beach Bum
gem said…
Thanks for letting us know about that, Bobby. I hadn't meant to be impatient. I thought it was something I did (or didn't do) that affected my hits. Good luck getting all your ducks to line up, and I appreciated the update. I guess you spoiled us, sending us all that great traffic. Now we're like petulant children.
Julie said…
Glad to hear you're ok and it was just the move that caused you to be away. My wild imagination pictured you in a hospital bed or something. So glad to hear you're back in business. Sorry New Blogger is giving you such a hard time. I agree with Gem - it's amazing how much an impact the random blog button makes on our traffic! I know you'll get it back up and running as soon as you can. I have faith.
Annelisa said…
:-) Sounds like even the best of us have blogger problems - makes lil ol' me feel a bit better!

I did wonder, too, whether I'd done something to scatter any random visitors to the wind... good to know you're on it - I'm sure there'll be a solution so obvious you'll laugh when you think about it!
STAG said…
In the last couple of weeks you have never had more than 14 comments. THAT is too many to respond to?


Well, I guess I don't have time to comment on your

STAG said…
In the last couple of weeks you have never had more than 14 comments. THAT is too many to respond to?


Well, I guess I don't have time to comment on your

Neil said…
I used to get tons of hits after making a donation, but after $15 donated for each of my blogs I'm getting 2-3 random blog hits.

Hopefully this can be addressed soon.
ipanema said…
Even my own site feed isn't working with the new Blogger. Imagine it's a default in their design and it's faulty! It's totally useless.

I can understand what's happening. Hope everything get s back to normal.

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