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THE MOVE IS FINALLY OVER! All of our stuff is finally in the new townhouse. My back took another beating this weekend (basically moving all 3 days, we have a lot of junk). I did find the time and the internet (which is why you'll notice there hasn't been a post in a few days) to update the premium blog here we go:

New to the Top 100:
9. Critique my Blog, 42. Blog Name Removed, 43. Clickworthy Links, 50. My Life Shelly, 77. Words That Flow, 86. The Tigers, Dream Weaver, & Other Baseball Tales

Moving up within the Top 100:
4. altjiranga mitjina, 15. Peggy, as she is, 26. Bible Study Blog, 28. Coffee2Go, 31. 4Simpsons Blog, 37. Grasshopper Ramblings,

Falling out of the Top 100:
-Spluch, -Mary Blogging Duffy, -365 Days, -Simple Kind of Life, -Ramblings and the Likes, -WTIT Tape Radio

And the new featured blog of the week is an old favorite of mine: Critique My Blog...Billy Mac is back in business, so be sure to pay him a visit!


Skittles said…
It's nice to have Billy Mac back!

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