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Whether you are an artist, a composer, or a writer of short stories, you probably have the same objective in mind: you want to make sure that your product is received by the general community, and that you get the maximum amount of exposure possible among shrewd and discriminating consumers that are looking to purchase exactly what you have to offer. This can be a difficult thing to do, because there are few networks available to connect consumers with artists, and that is a sad thing. Fortunately, artists, writers, and composers can now broadcast their skills and talents like never before. Plus, consumers can now access the freshest, most creative, and most unique pieces available today. How you ask? By reading further in this post!
I recently found a website called OpenFloodgate while looking for art to purchase for our new home. It was one of the best sites I’ve ever come across—much better than the mass art distributors that you normally find online. This site had the most unique art I could imagine, and it was directly from the artists. I was so pleased to view the masterpieces that might otherwise have been missed had I viewed any other site.

With, I was able to search for artists, piano compositions, short stories, and much more, and I was able to send a link to my friend who is an artist himself. He’s pretty sure he’s going to post his own merchandise shortly, and he’s looking forward to the chance for others to view it and hopefully purchase it. For both artists and their consumers, this site presents a win-win situation.

As an artist, you can decide whether everyone, or just a select few, see your work. You direct who has access to your downloads, and you decide whether to publicly display your work on the site, or rather restrict availability to a few subscribing customers.
As a consumer you can search the massive amount of art work—and this is unique stuff that you've never come across before. You can also rank it, tell your friends about it, and leave comments.
The beta version is available now—check it out today!


This is a great site! I registered so hope you get credit. (I'm still not certain how the PPP works. I've got to get signed up for that!!!)
Seriously, this just might be an answer for me on so many levels. I've got a "creative venture" I've been working on and this might be the right avenue for it. Thanks for the tip!

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