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One of the greatest things about buying your own home (which my wife and I are in the process of trying to do) is that you no longer have to feel like the money is going towards nothing. When you rent, you will never see a penny of that money back. But in many cases you may actually make a profit from your house when you sell it a few years down the road. But it's something you need...another thing you need once you start getting a little older is life insurance. God forbid your loved ones be stuck if something happened to you. Many life insurance companies offer you a small "surrender value" if you decide you don't need your policy any more (making an analogy, these guys are like the renters from above). Life/Viatical Settlements help you get money from your policy by selling it to investment banks. And we're not talking chump change like the surrender value, we're talking tens to hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars. This is more like you are buying a house...a smarter investment for something you NEED but that can pay off in the long run. I don't have life insurance yet (knock on wood), but having the opportunity to review this site was a very good enlightenment on what goes on and what kind of options are out there. So thank you Life/Viatical Settlements.


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