Last Premium Blog Update

I've decided in light of things going on to remove my donate button. So, this will be the last update for a few donations I've received in the past few days. Stay tuned in a few minutes for a progress update. In the mean time, here they are:

-Clickworthy Links, -Pastoral Ponderings, -Beta Blogger for Dummies


Lexa Roséan said…
HA I just came here to make a donation. wanting to keep me blogs on the front page in the top 100. don't know what's up, altho I hope I didn't add too much to your stress. the random blog button as you know still isn't increasing traffic but now it seems there is also a problem with site meter. anyway, I'm sure you'll bounce back. and please let me know if I can still make a donation as I don't want to fall off the list. thanks and here's to some peace and stressfree days.
Sebastian said…

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