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I've very happy in my current career. Even on bad days (which by the way, today was definitely a bad day), I enjoy being a teacher. So, I'm not particularly interested in this Online search engine for all career-related topics, job postings, and advice, but about 95% of my friends probably would be. Say you were interested in a career in music (which one of my really good friends actually is). If you type music into Google, how many career related sites do you think you'd get in the top 10? In the top 100? only gives you results that would apply to the music careers (or whatever career you're interested in).


hi! i've linked to your blog! please link back to my blog - Infinitely CRAZY -

Thanks, and keep up the good work!
Callie Ann said…
Hey Bobby Griffin,

I sent my blog in for getting a link thru you. I have never heard anything. Did it not work.
scrappin.....for life
Please let me know If I did something wrong. I have been waiting around 2 weeks I think.
Thanks Callie

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