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With the priviledge and fun of owning a new house comes the responsibility and pain of having to get home insurance. Ick, I went through this last year with getting my first car and car insurance! Well, is offering $200 worth of insurance leads for all of your insurance needs (home, car, health, or life). I'd like to at this point apologize for the unnecessary rhyme of the last sentence. Insurance leads and insurance needs. is a fine site for this kind of stuff and I'm sure they're not paying me to be a poet! I gotta stick to the facts, like their easy on the eyes layout and navigation.


A tip from a former agent: If you have a good driving record, try to get your H/O's with your auto provider; they will usually provide you with a discount!
Sunni Kay said…
I have started doing pay per post too, but I have a lot of questions. I looked through the FAQ, but didn't find my answers. You mind if I ask you> Can you email me at
king said…
As the population has gotten older, the need for health insurance has increased. Despite possible changes in the regulatory environment, healthcare is expected to continue its rapid expansion.

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