I'm pathetic...

Well, my back was a bit worse than I let on in my previous post. After about 10 minutes sitting in this chair, I had to go lay back down on the couch. You'll notice that it kept me out of school today. I perhaps could blame the fact that the chair I have at the computer is about as uncomfortable as it gets, but I don't think that should matter.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through these hard times (if there's anyone left!). Things haven't been easy with my personal life, and things haven't been pretty with the website either. Brighter skies on the horizon?...I'm an optimist, so YES!


Erika said…
Feel better!
Cathy said…
Just get feeling better...:)
Turnbaby said…
Hang in there sugar

And I have to say

simply because it twinges a particular place in my back

I HATE word verification--please please please please lose it

And give us a little personal content again--we do think you have pertinent things to say

Jessie said…
Hang in there Bobby!
Callie Ann said…
Yeah just go relax and rest and get to feeling better. Just put a post here and there that says still alive until you get well.

Do take care...it's why I'm not able to work and you're awfully young. Please see someone who knows what they're doing and lots, lots of rest...
Get well!
Skittles said…
Well after watching my hubby be in pain over last summer from his back, right before he needed surgery (maybe I shouldn't have said that part) I can really sympathize with you.

And of course we'll stick by you just like we would any blogger friend.
Linda said…
I can sympathize completely with back problems. I had some that put me out of work for almost three months back in 2005. And even now if it's going to snow, I start hobbling around like Quasimodo heading off to ring the bells at Notre Dame!

Take it easy and just do what you can!
Kara said…
Hope your back gets better!

PS you still need to let us in on the trick of how to show/hide ppp!
Linda said…
I don't know if you use Chiropractors or not but I know they help us. Right now our insurance doesn't cover them, though, so I ordered something from Amazon called Spineworx. All of the reviews on the product were positive. It's not real expensive and I'm hoping it will help us. My husband, daughter and I all have bad backs.
Lexa Roséan said…
HI Bobby
I hope your back is feeling better :)
Peg said…
Hey, you're not pathetic! Just rest up, and take care of yourself...you don't want to injure yourself even more!

Plus, there is a LOT going on right now--shoot, just moving is a huge stressor.

Take it easy!
The Beach Bum said…
Hey Bobby -

I hope that you are feeling better.

It's something that you should check out with a Doctor. If you don't, it will come back to haunt you in 20 years or so.

I have no problems with my back, but my knees are totally shot. The doctors tell me that I have waited too long. Now my only shot is Knee replacement surgery.

The Beach Bum
PoEt said…
look at all that response :)

of course we're still gonna be here reading

it is the best blog of all time isn't it? :P lol

Sore backs suck.

Take care of yours. Heat, ice, whatever works. Keep at it.

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