How did today go?

Today was the first trial run on the preliminary new system. It seemed like a pretty good day from my end, perhaps not 100% of what we used to have yet, but maybe about 75% of the way there. I would love to hear from you guys if you have some access to your statistics. What I'd want to know:

(1) How many hits about you got today?
(2) How many hits you've been averaging per day for the last 4-6 weeks?
(3) How many hits you used to average previous to that per day?

Anything you can let me know will help me move forward at this point. As I said, it definitely looks promising from my end, I'm just waiting to hear from you guys.


Chrissy said…

My hits today have gone up quite a bit. Today I got about 15 hits from your site versus about 1 or 2 a day the last month. Thanks for working hard and getting this all back on track.
Cathy said…
Bobby, I deleted the first comment of mine. It was too long and ran on and on.

Today, I probably have gotten 35-40 from you so far. Alot of them were in the overnight hrs last night. Was getting probably 80-100 from you daily prior to the problems...That dropped to about 1-2 hits from your site per day in recent weeks.

I can really tell you are working on getting this fixed. I'm optimistic Bobby. This is too good of a site to just let it go..
PoEt said…
Ive gotten a few more hits than usually. The past few weeks we have gotten maybe 1-2 per day, that number seems to be going up.
Rajiv Narula said…
I got one it on one of my two blogs
So no difference for me

But maybe my case is in isolation

Thanks for working on it anyways.
Rajiv Narula said…
My average in the last few weeks was one hit per week or something like that

Before the trouble started- it was 5\6 hits per day

Today: One blog- zero
second blog - one
msquared said…
For The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas: I got about 10 hits today, for the past month I would be lucky if I got 1 hit from the random blog button. In the past I used to average about 20-30 hits a day.

For Wasting Time: I got 5 hits today and in the past month I was only getting 1 hit per day. In the past I would average about 15-20 hits a day.

Lastly for My Throwaway Blog I got 1 hit and for the past month thats all I've been getting. I used to get about 5 hits a day for this blog.

Thanks bobby and keep it up things seem to be improving.
Anonymous said…
Big improvement in hits, Bobby. Yesterday I had 18 hits from and 14 from This mirrors level of hits from January 29 of this year except no hits from bestestrandomblog.

On March 25, I had 2 hits from randombutton.

Feb. 28--2 hits

Feb 17--35 hits from randombutton.firefox and 30 hits from randombutton.

Traffic is definitely on the upswing. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf.
Bobby Griffin said…
randomblogbutton-firefox is just bestestrandomblog renamed...the name makes more sense now
Todd said…
There's a marked increase from the last couple weeks :) Keep up the good work!
Todd Fratzel said…
Today the traffic is back off almost completely...did you do something different today?
Kevin said…
Dude. I see an improvement. I've gotten 7 in the last week. 4 of which came today.

Keep up the good work.

And thanks for doing what you're doing. I know it can't be easy.
Anonymous said…
Don't you know AGLOCO yet?
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Skittles said…
I just checked. I have started getting random blog and bestest blog hits for the first time in ages.
R2K said…
It is hard to say how many hits because of the large number of hits ive had recently from various sources. But I can tell you that I am getting fewer than 10 hits per site per day.

I am not upset, im glad to be part of the bestest blog. I have, however been able to get far more hits via free methods.

On the plus side, anyone who wants to get some extra hits comment on one of my blogs with a link to your page and ill post them.
Anonymous said…
Back to lackluster traffic day, Bobby, and that's no April Fool's joke. Just one referral from randomblog button.
Bobby Griffin said…
Hey Gem,

I should have mentioned, until the official come back the traffic could be sporadic, but my experiment on Friday/Saturday shows the potential. I wasn't around enough today to put it into effect again.
alphawoman said…
Mine was off today...April 1. But, I know you are working on it and that is all I need to know.
Peg said…
Hi statcounter shows me my last 1000 hits on my index page, which as of just now, was my hits since 10 pm on 3/27. Of those 1000, 159 hits came from the Random Blog Buttons, 66 from one of the Bestest Blog Pages (I'm giving you that number so that you have a sense of what kind of traffic I'm getting from being Bestest of the Month & listed under the Premium Blogs).

Previously, I had been getting perhaps five to ten in a given day from the Random buttons (today was 10 of the 159, from the random buttons only--not Bestest Blog pages directly). Seems your tweaking is working quite well!

Hey, I hear that you'll be a guest on Dr. Blogstein this week! Go, you!!
Dr. A said…
I'll try to be listening in as well Wednesday night to Dr. Blogstein's show.
Turnbaby said…
Hey Bobby--I am rather uneducated as to how to see 'where' my hits are coming from

I will try to remedy that and give you some feedback

I have to say i went from 1700 total views to over 5300 views from the day I became "featured blog of the week" Tha's an impressive jump
Bond said…
I have said it a number of times, I do not hold you responsible for hits - I have found many friends from your site, but since you asked; I had 3683 hits in January. It dropped to 2.030 in February and 2,155 in March.

Checking hits from Random, only two from the today came from here...

BUT if you start maintaining, your link will come back.
Steven said…
up until your change I was getting about 25 hits per week from your site. I am now getting maybe 1 every 2 weeks.

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