Finances for Women [PPP]

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Do you know in many other countries around the world it is national law that a working women receive a full paid 6 week vacation and maternity health insurance? Well, it's not like that here. If you're a working woman, there's a fairly good chance that your company will not do this for you. Sure, they can't fire you...they have to save your job for when you come back...but there's nothing that says they have to pay you in the mean time. That's where comes in...offering help and solutions to these "moms in the middle" as they have termed it.


Machiavelli said…
...and that's why women shouldn't be allowed to work.

Seriously though...why don't people ask if Europe can do it, why can't we? I mean, it's Europe! Europe is full of effeminate turtle necked soccer hooligans who have a proud history of murdering each other...why can't we one-up them?
alphawoman said…
Something has happened to your blog on my computer!! It spills over the window!!
Jessie said…

I don't want you to think I'm talking about you behind your back. I have posted on both of my blogs about you. I'm very disappointed in some of the things that have been going on. I hope you take the time to respond and explain yourself to people. You have made a lot of money off of folks and they deserve an explanation. I hope you get things back on track you had a great blog here at one time.
Skittles said…
I, too, have posted about you! I'm one of those you made a LOT of money off of and I am very disappointed and am wondering what you have to say for yourself.

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