Drunk Driving [PPP]

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I'm proud to say that I have never driven drunk in my entire life. In fact, I've never even really gotten all that drunk. Maybe once or twice, but I've never been a big partier. I can't stand the taste of beer, that's probably the biggest reason why. Anyway, AlcoholAlert.com has a Vending business opportunity where they sell coin operated alcohol breath testing machines. These machines aren't cheap, so a couple of quarters helps pay the cost of hosting one of these in a local bar. Think of all the lives this could save. Spend 50 cents and see for certain whether or not you are legally capable of driving home that night.


The Beach Bum said…
I live in Florida, in a resort area on a Gulf of Mexico beach. The locals have a saying “Come here on Vacation, leave on Probation”. Florida is a zero tolerance driving “under the influence” State.

What does this mean?

One beer or cocktail puts you over the limit, if in the police officer’s eyes you are incapable of properly operating your vehicle you are arrested. The fines for DUI’s are very high in our county.

I’m a drinker of alcoholic beverages. I usually walk or take a cab. Good Bartenders or Servers will ask you if you are driving and if you answer in the affirmative they will suggest that you take a Cab.

This breathalyzer is a good idea, but I really don’t see those that need to use it; using it. Bartenders and servers here in Florida are responsible for their customer’s actions if they have served them alcoholic beverages.

But then again, I know that you don’t give a darn and just posted this for the money that you are getting from PPP.

The Beach Bum

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