Coping with stress

I'm probably not the best person to have undertaken a project like this website. When I first started and everything was going smoothly, maybe then I was the guy for the job. But when rough times hit, the stress set in. A lot of people if they got an email saying "Why are my hits going down?" they'd shoot out a quick reply. Me, I'm an introvert and an email like that stresses me out and makes me want to avoid my email! Aggh! And my stress isn't just from this site. And not even all of it is bad stress. For example, my wife and I are trying to buy a house. Now, when we finally do it will be an amazing, awesome thing...but in the mean time, the process is very stressful. I need to get better at handling stress and at handling the problems associated with them as opposed to just trying to avoid them...not just with this website but with stress in general. I apologize to anyone who this has affected and hope you can understand that I am a real person with real flaws!


bobby i am not sure what is going on. i just recently was reading some of the blogs about problems here and have been unaware of them myself, but then i am in my own little hillbilly world here so that is no wonder to me. anyway i hope it all gets straightened out and things work out for everyone. this has been a wonderful site in the past and i sincerely hope it is again.

smiles, bee
Callie Ann said…
then you should not accept any more donations from anyone. That is wrong to take money from people when you can't handle it. PPP doesn't seem to stress you out. I had tried for over a month to get you to respond. I feel you shouldn't promise people things and then ignore them when they ask question. If you are so stressed out then don't accept money from people. Let them keep their money they work hard for it. In the meantime you should aplogize to every person that you have ignored and go get your stress in order. I guess you had good intentions but when you fail and continue to accept money. That's just plain wrong. I am espically dissapointed in how you have treated skittles. You most loyal blogger and most giving blogger you had. You should really aplogize to her. She recommended you to so many people and put her rep on the line for you. Good luck
Skittles said…
You should have stopped accepting donations a LONG time ago. Shame on you! You weren't too stressed to keep the PPP's going here or on the other site.

So answer me this: If your new domain name isn't working then why not go back to your blogger URL?

Why did you not take a few extra seconds and go congratulate the winners of the BBOTD?

Everyone has flaws, Bobby. This "explanation" does not help any of us who have put our faith and our money in this blog. If you're not the person for the blog, then how about refunding some of that money and just going on hiatus?

Your explanation and the last premium update will be scrolled down the page after a few PPP ads.. and who will see it then???

Why not put a sticky post at the top saying something like this blog is "out to lunch" until further notice. Something people who come here new and innocent to read?

I wonder how many emails you've gotten that you simply chose not to respond to?

I wonder how much of your stress is actually a guilty conscience.
Bobby Griffin said…
Ok, I made both of my last posts sticky for a week, so they will be seen. I don't feel I have any reason to have a guilty conscience. I put a lot of blogs from this site on the map and indirectly created a lot of new friendships. If I charged some sort of monthly fee, then I would feel bad, because the last month has been awful. Plus, it's not like the Random Blog Button is useless now. Over the past 5 days (as far back as MyBlogLog lets me see), it still have over 3000 visitors. Whether those 3000 made it to your site or not is part of the randomness, but they did end up at someone's site.

There have been a lot of people I didn't respond to directly, but I tried to make posts that addressed several people's comments all at once. I think a lot of people who weren't here from the beginning assume this site is some sort of group-run project. It's just me, and I just don't have the time to send out all those emails. So I try and answer the general tone of the questions with posts on my blog.
Callie Ann said…
bull crap tons of people have left questions about when you would have an update. You never once addressed. Now there is some truth for you.
Bobby Griffin said…
I did address that, I said that the files I needed were on my desktop computer. Well, today is the first day I have access to those files. When we initially signed up for our new internet here, it only came with 1 IP address which means only one computer connected. It took me awhile to figure that out, and I had to call Comcast and pay them $10 more per month for my computer. Now that I have it working, unfortunately my first priority has to be to finish the TurboTax tax return that I started before we moved (no one likes doing taxes). I'd like to say they're going to get done today, but that's being a little optimistic. I should be able to do them piece by piece throughout the next couple of nights though.

By the way, these comments are stressing me out, but I am trying to be better about addressing everyone and anyone's concerns. So, please keep them coming.
Callie Ann said…
Wow, I am proud of you that is the first time you have ever emailed me back. Then I thank you for addressing it. There that just made my stress relax. Thank you now send personal emails to your regulars and get this worked out. That is what is important. Being an introvert makes it worse, you addressing this will actually make it better. Good Job. Keep it up. Answer people back. It's real easy to write one email and attach a lot of email addresses to it. Or hit copy and paste. Send it out that way. Work it out with Skittles and Julie and the ones that help you and go on from there. No more ignoring your friends and espically those that donate to you.
Todd said…
Hey Bobby,

Life sucks sometimes man. Just try to be happy with what you have. I mean, you're married and you have a new house right? Well, that's a lot of stress right there, but at least you're lucky enough to have those things. Don't let everything pile on. You're running a good buisness here, don't let it cave! Make the customers happy again, even if it takes some groveling, it'll be worth it.
maggie said…
Hey Bobby,

I wanted to say. That I like your blog and I think sometimes people are really quick to add to the stress. Your real life no matter what should be first. Your wife, your first job and buying a house. Thats great. Don't let the other people get your down. Everyone should understand that real life comes first.

You have no obligation to support everyone's blog. They paid for a link nothing more. At least that is how I see it. Don't stop blogging just try to do it when you can and keep it enjoyable.
Todd said…

I too feel a bit bummed and left out. I payed you a decent sum of money and then nothing happened....I now wish I hadn't spent the money because I got absolutely no traffic from my investment. I just wish you had told folks a lot sooner of your intentions and stressed life so we could have made an informed decision. As most people have said you kept posting PPP long after you stopped giving updates. You might seriously considering a small refund to some of us as it would go a LONG way in showing how much you do or do not care.

Best of luck in the house search and I hope you've learned a very valuable lesson.
Bobby Griffin said…
Todd, just because you didn't see immediate huge returns on your investment, doesn't mean you won't see them at all. I have tried a few fixes and they have worked to an extent, but I have decided that if I can't come up with a permanent fix I am going to reinvest some of the money that was donated here to Google Adwords or some program like that to try and build some awesome traffic up for you guys.
Dr. A said…
No one knew how successful this blog would be. You're dealing with the stress of success. Don't let this stress get you down.

Definitely your real life comes first above your blog life. I agree with some of the criticisms that have been made. But when I made my donation, I knew it was no guarantee of anything.

I know my success wouldn't have happened without Bestest Blog. I'll still support you whatever happens.

And, I know that you'll get Bestest Blog back in order when your real life stress calms down a bit. Good luck with buying that house (I know how stressful that is).
Anonymous said…
What does this all mean for the site in the long-term? Will there be any more 'bestest blog of the day' reviews? I just put in my link to you a week or two ago (not sure if you added me to the rolls because quite frankly, things are a little confusing over here). I appreciate what you are trying to do here and I certainly don't fault anyone for trying to make a little $ but it seems there are a lot of unanswered questions.

I also take offense at some of the comments I have seen made by others here that somehow seem to suggest or imply that the 'regulars' or 'paid members' are somehow more deserving of your attention. If this is to be a site for all bloggers it cannot be a closed clique. I think that attitude is here sadly and that may have been part of the downfall.

You still have the makings here for something great. I wish you well.
Todd said…

Well that's a start and I hope that works out. Thanks for the honesty and I hope things all work out.
Peg said…
Hey, Bobby...Life happens, things happen--as Dr. A said, and I said as much on my blog today--I knew there was no guarantee of traffic or anything else when I made my donations. And I'll add, that I donated as a thanks to you, not a payment for services.

Hang in there,
Rajiv Narula said…
I am one of the many I guess who wrote to you and never got a reply
I am one example one how you have started loosing on this blog

I was about to send you a donation- but never did - becuase I realized that you have switched your prioities elsewhere

And to repeate what i told ou in the email
Dont let the success of this blog weigh you down

Its totally un acceptable that you have the time to do PPP but not take care of your customers

Let this be a wake-up all so that you can still save what you started
Cathy said…
Bobby, it sounds like people are really upset that you have had time for PPP, which makes you money, but not time to work out these problems with this blog.

Like Dr.A...I agree with some of the critics, but I also understand stress.

I certainly understand the people being upset who have donated ALOT of money to your site.

You know you could take some of that donation money and HIRE a tech who could straighten out these problems you are having. When people make donations, we usually understand, that some of it will be used to keep the site up and running. That way the stress of fixing it is not really on you.. Im sure you could explain to them what you had, what happened, and that you want it back again.
**That might be the answer. You're a teacher, surely you know a techie-type high school student that would be more than happy to work a couple of hours a day until you get caught up; then a few hours here and there as needed. Might work!
**I haven't been around long enough to really understand how the system works but I read comments from several different people and I understand that the PPPs are not the reason I signed up with you either. Service should be to these folks here, first.
**I received a beautiful review from Skittles, who works tirelessly for people, and did a lot of reviews for you while you weren't able. She was unable to obtain any sort of acknowledgement of that review from you for me, and that was upsetting. She truly cares for all of us. I felt badly that I'd asked her how to go about getting the silly button from you because it placed more time and effort on her.
**One of the other BBOTD folks stated that winning wasn't the important thing - it's the fact that people enjoy coming and reading what you have to say and will return. I second that wholeheartedly!
**I sincerely hope that The Bestest Blog will indeed live up to it's name.
My server kicked me out twice - I did want to echo what someone else said: You have taken the first step and that's a good's difficult for some people to take the bull by the horns and face the issue down. Stress will do that to you - I know.
Skittles said…
I want to add that I understand stress very much and if anyone read my accounts of last week, they will know what I'm talking about.

No, I don't think the premium members deserve more attention from you. Everyone who has linked here should be treated the same. BUT, I think the premium members may be more vocal over this because of the money they donated. (If anyone wants to see the amount each person donated, just hover your mouse over their link. You'll probably have to side-scroll a little now.)

Premium members did pay to have their link more visible. Just like the Blog of the Month in your auction. Featured Blog Of The Week is based on that week's biggest contributor.

I put in my sticky post today that people should make their own decisions and not base anything on what I say. It was after all my own observations and opinions that prompted me to first post about the current state of affairs here.

I sincerely do wish you and your wife well in your search for a new home. And, yes, I also believe that family comes first.

I think what is bewildering people is that (even with only one computer hooked up, as we now know) you still had time for your PPP ads while not putting any time or effort into the blog itself. (You know I offered several times to write more reviews so at least there would be something new here.)

Anyway.. I agree you've made a first step. Please don't forget to take more.
Rajiv Narula said…
I just wanted to add - that if you are facing technical problem that you need help on- just let me know (send me an emial)

I will try to help if its something that i can fix

- No charge for this

You have an excellent project on your hands .Play your cards right and you have the potential to make it BIG

Good Luck !!!
Kirsten said…
For me it's not necessarily the PPP issue or paid contributions that have me upset, it's the simple fact that the link exchange has become a bottom priority. This was the original intent of the website, but it's been over a month since you updated with new links. I only ever come in to see recent updates.

If the info is on the computer that is not hooked up to the internet, then wouldn't it be stored on the hard drive so that you can access it without being online? You should be able to transfer it from one computer to another via a flash drive. I just don't understand this excuse.

Perhaps it's time to simplify things a bit. Don't worry about BBD Awards or contributions or technical things like your Random Blog button. Just provide the linky love.
Bobby Griffin said…
I think while I am in a slow interim here, one thing I may do is start doing Bestest Blog of the Week and leave it up as a sticky post for the week.

As for hiring a tech or a student to help me work out some problems, I think you overestimate the amount of money I have made here. I have made about $3000 since August. That's like $375 a month. A tech would run me like $50 an hour, with no guarantee of success. As for finding a student at the school, I actually am moderator of a computer club and I can tell you that there are no students capable of such a thing. We are just learning some of the basics (including using Blogger!)

Link exchanges have become somewhat of a lower priority lately, but I haven't been getting the 100 per week that I used to, so not as many people as you might think have been inconvenienced here.

And I have been putting work into the site, it's just without monumental success, it's hard for you to see those efforts.

As for keeping up with PPP, I have only been doing posts that are $10+, and only when my wife tells me there's one up I can do. So I haven't been wasting time sifting through opps, and I haven't been wasting time with measly $5 ads. What can I say, the $$$ is too quick to not do!
Skittles said…
Perhaps the lower rate of link exchanges has something to do with the fact that you don't add people when they ask to be. Who's going to do those reviews for you, Bobby? Are they going to be sticky posts or swallowed up by PPP?

Also.. I wanted to say that you KNOW how much I've supported this site.. highly visible referrals, guest reviews and of course the $400. I should at least get an email from you, instead of corresponding here.

By the way.. Critique My Blog will soon be hosting guest reviews.
R2K said…
: )

I think this is still a very fun project. Bobby PPP probably isnt worth the money and effort in the long run. I suggest you focus on making the blog as fun and popular as possible. You are probably in a slump at the end of the beginning. But trust me you have the middle left to come, and dont even think about the end! So what I mean is, keep moving even if it is only slowly. Boil down to the simple things, what you want out of this blog and how you started it. If that means no PPP, I think that is ok. Dont stop accepting money, if people want to send money that is up to them. Worry about doing the best you can. What else can you do?
Anonymous said…
Bobby, I would just like to go on record and say that I think you are providing a quality product here. I know that a certain Mrs. Skittles has created a bit of a stink but that is her nature and she does not speak for all of the blogging community, even though she mistakenly believes that she does.

All endeavors of a business nature experience ebbs and flows in operations. There are always up and down periods where things function in a greater or lesser degree of efficiency. There are so very many of us who owe you a thank you for what you have done for our bogs and the blogging community at large. It is a shame that the silence of our satisfaction does not drown out the small-minded roaring flood of nastiness pouring forth from the polluted stream of Skittles. Do not think that Skittles speaks for us all because she does not!

If Skittles needs to find someone to blame for the decline in the number of hits to her blog she need look no further than the content of her own posts. Tasting the rainbow is something I’ll pass on thank you very much. This woman has put a terrible product out upon the Internet of late. Where you have shown the integrity to remove the donation button on your site until problem areas have been addressed Skittles still continues to ask us to support her through donations even though her blog is suffering from a debilitating neurotic episode which was only temporarily fixed when she pulled her awful site from blogger.

Please continue doing what you are doing and ignore the misdirected self-loathing that has been turned towards you instead of its rightful target, the “Rainbow of Skittles” herself. She is blaming everyone else instead of accepting personal responsibility for the unfortunate state of her life. You are not the cause of her demise. Her selfish attitude and willingness to chew off the fingers of everyone who has ever fed her are.
Dr. Blogstein said…
Hope you have a room for Skittles in that new house she helped you buy! hahahahaha! We'll be seeing you on Dateline sometime soon!
alphawoman said…
I love great drama and the current events at BBOAT are feeding my addiction. Yet, I really get riled when someone hides behind the cowardly veil of "Anonymous" and throws mud at someone. Anyway, I think I e-mailed you when I first joined and wished you luck and hoped that your site would attract some big corporation to snap it up and make you rich! I still think this site has that potential. I have seen something similar happen to the community at AOL when everyone got their panties in a bunch because of the advertising attached to our journals with out our consent nor our getting a piece of the action. We broke that wonderful community up. Please do not let that happen here. There are lots and lots of wonderful blogs here. I think we all need to step back and give Bobby time to catch his breath and re-group.
Anonymous said…

I totally agree with anonymous. This is not the first time Skittles has tried to start trouble with you. I have seen at least three if not four times she has written nasty things about you on her site to later recant them.

Hold your head up Bobby. Delete these people from your blog and get rid of the stress causing craziness. I'm really sorry for you that you ever got tangled up with her (Skittles).

I don't care if she spend a thousand dollars on your site. She has NO right to tell you how to do your blog. When to do your blog or what you do on your blog.

If she wasn't picking on your for your blog she would be speaking ill of someone else. I'm really sick and tired of the one bad skittle in the bunch.

You've said nothing wrong, done nothing wrong man. Don't stoop to her level just delete 'em.

Skittles said…
Just wanted to say hi to Rose (Anonymous) for throwing in her two cents.

You can read about the infamous Rose here.. and here.. and here.
Dr. Blogstein said…
Nevermind..I take it all back...Peggy changed my mind with this persuasive post:
Maggie said…
I think Skittles needs another dose of pills

Not Rose
Maggie said…
Oh god. Didn't mean to actually write what I was thinking. Crap. Sorry for that comment. As myself being a "crazy" person. No harm intended.
Dirk_Star said…
When I first began blogging in October of last year two of the very first people I met were Skittles and Bestest Blog. Both of these good people helped me to get established as a presence in the blogger community and I’m grateful to be where I am today as a result of my association with them. I am sad to see the current feud going on here and would like to see it resolve as quickly as possible. Yes, Skittles is quick to speak her mind, but I have always admired how quick she is to also offer the olive branch and make amends. Please, can we all step back and take a deep breath? There has been no harm done here that was malicious in intent. Certainly mistakes have been made, but who amongst us has never attempted to juggle too many projects at one time only to fall short of everyone’s expectations? This union between Skittles and Bestest Blog must not be allowed to fall asunder. Combined as a whole, these two are stronger than the individual parts each brings to the table. As a blogging community, dare I say family, I think I we would be best served by these two kissing and making up. That said, I will expect to see a review of my blog, done by Skittles, on this very blog tomorrow. What? Diplomatic services don’t come cheap you know! Now come on everyone, let’s get back to blogging for fun.
Woozie said…
In my expert opinion, after years of study at Harvard and Yale Postgraduate School, I can say with certainty that the fecal matter hit the fan here.

All projects, whether they be mega corporations or a blog like this or a Geocities page from 1997, they all go through fluctuations in quality, due to the amount of time the creator has to spend on their creation. This is normal, don't get down about it.

If other people don't like it, or are downright pissed off that they spent $400 and are now only getting 2500 hits instead of 3000, too f*cking bad. They need to get over themselves. You are the creator of this blog, you are the administrator of this blog, and you are the man who makes the decisions on how its run, bottom line.
Starrlight said…
Hola Bobby. Jeez I get sent on hiatus from Blogville for a couple of weeks and all hell breaks loose. From what I can tell, people are pissed about 2 issues. First off, drop in hits from the site and secondly the PPP.

I have to admit, I don't like PPP. I just don't. It seems to turn otherwise well written posts into something akin to a bad car dealer advert. It just rubs me the wrong way. And they are right that the Best Blog of the Day award seems to have turned into the Bestest Blog of Whenever I Get Around To It. That bums me out as well, especially since the PPP just seem to roll on like the mighty Mississippi.

Now, on to the hits. My hits from your site have dropped. Do I think it is because of the quality of your site? Possibly. The sheer number of PPP on the main page are a bit of a bummer. Make one feel like this site is all about the "Get Your Free Viagra Sample!" rather than a Blog Community. So yeah, mine have dropped and I do think the tone of Bestest did contribute. Of course they also dropped cause I have posted Jack due to no computer. So I am very aware it is not just you. Do I feel cheated? Suckered? Jipped?

Nope. See no one forced me to donate and after having played in on the net for many years, I have long ago made peace with the concept that you may not always get what you pay for via cyber space. And frankly, I got great return for my 35 bucks. So no, I don't feel cheated.

For those that do, psst...

It's the Internet. You know that place where everyone can be young, thin, and hot even when they are old, bloated and colder than yesterdays catch. You have NO CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE YOU DEAL WITH ON THE NET. Learn that now.

Bobby. Dude if you truly want to foster a website that is a blogging community, ditch the PPP or limit it to say 4 a week. Or just flat out admit that this site is a link warehouse you have set up to earn cash and put back the random link exchange. Give as good as you get, in other words.
Bond said…
interesting.. I made a post here and it is gone...
Bond said…
A my post on THE COUCH said.. to me it is not about the hits... hits come and go..

it is about the fact that the community you built now seems to be not important to you and thus is no longer important to me

if you have time for the PPP (which I hate) then you have time for the community
MXI said…
Boy,I love a drama..don't stop!!...I quit coming here till the bestest-gate started...
Admit it Bobby you lost interest, you found you can make money with PPP because of all the links here...No shame, but don't pretend it's all a misunderstanding,I dumped the the reciprocal link feel free to drop me...
Dave said…
It's neat the way Bobby turns himself into a victim. I've got stress...don't be mad at me!!!
Skittles said…
I want to clear some things up here. The first time I mentioned my discontent with Bestest was in the second half of a totally different post and I really thought it would maybe get one or two comments then just scroll off the page.

I had no possible way of knowing I would receive so many comments from bloggers who had been feeling the same as me as so I made a whole post about it. In THAT post I said it was not about the number of hits but the people I was meeting behind them. I did a sticky post that asked people to form their own opinions and not make any decisions based only on what I said.

I had no way of knowing all this craziness would result. I'd be lying if I said I don't feel that I'm being targeted as the "messenger".. you know, the one you're not supposed to shoot. What I originally posted was my own opinion. I don't know that I should bear all the responsibility for others sharing that opinion.. but I will bear it if I need to.

This has not been about the money or payments or donations, whichever way you choose to think of it. I know without a doubt that most of my hits came from here. I believe I've posted that several times as well since I joined up.

It was about how this blog has totally lost the focus of what it used to be and the disappointment I felt. The lack of interest on Bobby's part to me and others who had joined up. The lack of time he said he had, but still had time for the PPP. The stuff about his other blog or his wife's blog came after and was brought to my attention by someone else. And that isn't still a problem to me. Sure I don't think it's right to have a weight loss blog just for PPP ads, but that's none of my concern nor any of my business.

How much time would it have taken for Bobby to drop by a BBOTD winner and congratulate them? Even something small like that would have been a nice gesture. Instead he emailed some who were not premium members and actually asked for a donation! While his site was like this!

This is not a feud between me and Bobby or me and Bestest. There are many who disappointed.. I'm just more vocal about it. But if you read the comments, at my blog and others, you'll have seen how many there really are.
flic said…

Your blog is wearing too much clothing.
Asara said…
This latest "look" on your blog is ever so mature, Mr. Bobby. Thanks so much for deleting the comments that I and others have left in Skittles' defense, and leaving all the nastiness posted by "Anonymous" cowards. It really opened our eyes as to your true priorities around here.
Bobby Griffin said…

I am not sure what you are referring to. The only comment I have deleted from this entire post is one from someone who made a direct off-topic insult that was uncalled for. I have not deleted any replies from you or others in defense of Skittles.

I have every email ever sent to me saved in my Gmail (and I get an email every time someone leaves a comment). You have not left a comment here (previous to this one) since February 23 (when you told me that you loved your Nintendo DS). If you'd like to repost what you had said, I'll gladly leave it up.
SQT said…
Hmmm, drama drama drama. I'm kind of surprised this is getting everyone so worked up. Though I'd be a tad p***ed if I payed $400 with certain expectations and then saw a bunch of ppp ads pop up.

Whenever I see ppp ads pop up on a blog, their credibility is pretty much gone IMO. I usually delete my link to them.
Todd said…
Wow. I haven't visited in a while, it looks like the debate still rages.

I wanted to clarify that two different "Todd"s posted above. I didn't want anyone to confuse us.

Dirk_Star hit the nail on the head. Let's play nice and go back to blogging for the fun of it.
Anonymous said…
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Mr. Smartypants said…
I'm not quite following this, can we start over?
Dr. A said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. A said…
Bobby, just to let you know, today (3/30), checking my stats, this is the highest number of referrals I've received from Bestest Blog in weeks.

Of course, they're not back to the old template days, but whatever you're doing, is working. Thanks for your persistence and not letting the naysayers get you down.

I'm encouraging everyone else to check their stats over the past 48 hours and in the future now. You should notice a little bump up!

(Finally, it was me that deleted the previous comment and not Bobby. I hit send too soon)
Todd said…
Another 2 cents about this whole debate. Skittles has been one of the most vocal voices in this whole conversation, and considering she donated a few hundred bucks, I thought she must have a really nice site. So now I've been trying to go look at it for the past few days and it won't load. Skittles? What's going on? You piqued my interest and left me hanging!
R2K said…
Using your own domain is a key step towards better rankings. In the long run, this will HELP people and not hurt them.
Shan said…
Honestly, I haven't been keeping up to date. I have your RSS feed bookmarked, and check occasionally, you are still linked on my website, but I haven't been blogging much lately myself. I hope people can be more understanding and realize that things can spin out of control sometimes.

In the future, the main thing is to have a contingency plan. Perhaps you can appoint someone to look after things when you are simply too busy, and in return they could have an additional permanent link? I'm sure you can think of something. But don't let the workload stress you out, let it motivate you.
Rose DesRochers said…
I had to come here and see what comment I was suppose to make. That anonymous comment did not come from me and in no way am I associated with bestest blogs and Bobby can vouch for that as just last week I received an email from him and requested he remove me from his address book. Skittles if I have anything to say to you, I'll say it to your damn face. I'm not a coward and I do not believe in hiding behind anon. Who ever left that anon comment is a coward in my opinion and I hope that they will have the balls to say it in the open.
Lexa Roséan said…
these comments have been a great read. I have faith that Bobby will be up again and rockin and rollin.

Here's another challange for you Bobby (as if you don't already have enough!) Your random blog button did not produce any additional traffic for my blogs and I already let you know that. In addition, when you use the random blog button (as oppossed to using next blog button) the only URL that shows up is your own. So if I come across a blog that I really like, I can't bookmark it. Even if I hit the back button, it doesn't take me back there. these are serious flaws that you may want to iron out in order for random blog to really match the quality of the original blogger button.
bestest of luck!

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