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Big Web Links Directory reminds me a lot of the premium blog service that I offer here on my site. Who knows maybe they stole the idea from me! Unlike a ton of other directories out there that sort results by various factors, this site sorts them by contribution amount. The idea really worked for me here, so I'm sure it's working for them. Without a doubt the great sites end up near the top, because they're the ones willing to contribute the most. You don't make a big contribution if you have a crappy site. Just look at my Top 100 list, there are some of the best blogs around on there, especially near the top of the list. So kudos go out to Big Web Links Directory for a great idea and good luck!


R2K said…
I am going to join this.
Ha, that's exactly what I thought when I wrote the same opp.

You know you're very successful when others start copying you :)
Machiavelli said…
Kirsten said…
I'll have to look into this as well.

BTW, when are you going to add new blogs to your list? It's been over a month, and by the time you do finally put them all up, I'm gonna have to take a week off to go catch up on them all.

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