Bestest Blog of the Day: 03/20/2007

Echoes of Grace
...a review by Skittles

It is with extreme pleasure that I present today's Bestest Blog Of The Day to Echoes of Grace.This blog is a mixture of everything. As Grace herself says, it's "Life at it's Best and it's Worst. Headaches and Heartaches, Laughter, Fears and Anguish. Life."

It's obvious that Grace has been through some hard times, which is maybe why I was drawn to her blog in the first place. In the posts Wet Fur and Dream Of Peace you can catch a glimpse of some of that. In her post The Fall she very openly discusses going through depression after losing an amazing 130 pounds.

This blog has a lot more to it though. See what she has to say in Five Reasons Why I Blog. It is a testament to loss and moving on, making new friendships and the common bonds that tie bloggers together. She goes with that theme again in Blog Blessings.

All bloggers will get a chuckle out of But Honey I'm Blogging. I bet you can guess what that one's about! In the very next post Dolphin Dancing Grace tells of her exhilaration from being able to swim with wild dolphins. It makes you wish you were with her.

Echoes of Grace is truly a blog written from the heart. Grace puts so much of herself in every post she writes. Please pay her a visit and see for yourself. Tell her Skittles and The Bestest Blog Of All-Time sent you.


Akelamalu said…
Great blog.

Can't get onto Skittle's Place has she changed her url?
R2K said…
: )
A.J.Reams said…
Skittles, what's wrong with your page?
Desert Songbird said…
Great choice - hooray for Gracie!
skittles has had a technical difficulty at her house. she will be back in touch soon... smiles, bee
Stephen letterman said…
I would like to nominate for a bestest blog award, it's really a good blog and it has the bestestblog link, hehe, tat's how i came here....
Dixiechick said…
Huge Congratulations to Echos of Grace... she is truly amazing! Excellent choice.
Machiavelli said…
Sounds boring.
Callie Ann said…
I keep trying to get a hold of you are you done excepting new blogs or do you just hate Mine???? I have wrote you many times. What's up.... Callie Smith
Please answer me. I have had your link up for a long time with no reply from you.....
Anonymous said…
It’s a shame that Skittles pen has become so poisonous of late. She has turned on friends, family and fellow bloggers. I t seems as if she is blaming everyone other than herself for the problems she seems to have created in her own life. Her blog was once so positive and now it seems as if the only colors in her rainbow are red for vindictiveness and black for despair.

Skittles should be ashamed of herself for treating those who have been so good to her with wickedness. From now on I will read only the sites she recommended and watch with sadness the slow sinking of her blog into the toilet of ugliness she has created with her lack of kindness to those around her.

It is sad to see that the only pot at the end of Skittles rainbow is filled a sticking sludge of foul animosity.
Claire said…
Anon/Rose/Frank Bog Off!
Why is a foul comment like this not deleted?
Claire said…
Anons not mine!
Echoes of Grace is a wonderful blog and hopefully people notice this inbetween the PPPs.
I would like to know why my rebuttal to the skreed posted above as "ANONYMOUS" is still here????
Thanks, Claire, for the nice comment above.

I resent that "ANONYMOUS" chose to post this type of venom here when this is NOT even related to the fuss! How dare you??? And you're such a coward to not even have the guts to leave your own name!!!
Again, why was my rebuttal deleted and this crap allowed to remain???
This is NOT what my site is about and I am resenting the fact that it is allowed to remain here where nice things have been said. It sticks out like a dog turd! PLEASE REMOVE IT!
Correction to 1st paragraph:
I would like to know why my rebuttal to the skreed posted above as "ANONYMOUS" is gone????

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