Bestest Blog of the Day: 03/12/2007

Trav's Thoughts
...a review by Skittles!

So far my reviews have been all about the ladies. Today I decided to switch things up and review a guy's blog and the first one that came to mind was Trav's Thoughts!

Travis is 42 years old and lives in the Pacific northwest. (Kind of unspecific there, Trav.) He says this about his blog, "So here's the thing. . .I have thoughts and I'm sharing them." And share them he does!

In this blog you will find examples of some very fine writing skills, fiction and nonfiction. This Manic Monday post about some gunslingers, and this Words On Wednesday post where Travis reminisces about his first date with his wife, are two great examples of his talent.

If you want to learn a little bit about Travis, you can read this meme he got tagged with. He confesses to be a Taylor Hicks fan (Soul Patrol!) and there's a brief description of his battle with Hodgkins disease. You can also read his thoughts about citizens expressing their opinions.

There's a lot of fun in this blog, too. You can't help laughing as you read about the 13 ways he wants to celebrate his 100th post. You can drop by every week for the newest installment of Tuesday Tunes. And, from time to time, you catch some videos like these about funny ferrets.

I sure hope you'll visit Trav's Thoughts and congratulate him on being chosen as today's Bestest Blog Of The Day. Tell him Skittles and The Bestest Blog Of All-Time sent you.


Travis said…
Thanks! This is unexpected and very much appreciated.
great choice skit!

smiles, bee
Desert Songbird said…
Yippee! Yea for Trav!
Bond said…

julie said…
Woo! Great pick....I like the posts that you singled out.

Ya picked a great blogger!!!
Dixiechick said…
*jumps up and down, throws confetti* woooooooooooooooooooooo

Excellent choice...

Go Hottie, Go Hottie, Go Hottie!!!!

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