Bestest Blog of the Day: 03/02/2007

The Running Man
...a review by Jessie

The Running Man is my newest inspirational blog and just has to be the Bestest Blog of the Day! Every time I'm feeling a little unmotivated I head over and visit Jason's blog and it perks me up. Nothing like seeing how far someone else is running to motivate you to get up and move!

The Running Man is a blog that highlights Jason's road to the Richmond Marathon and beyond. In May of 2004 Jason weighed 300 pounds. Since then Jason has lost 100 pounds and started running and competing in races. Jason is now training for a marathon! Can you believe that!!!

Jason recently competed in an 8k race which I think is just amazing. He really enjoyed himself and even ran with another blogger! What a small world.

Jason has set amazing goals for himself. He not only sets them this is a guy that really races to accomplish them! On Monday he met one of his personal goals of running 10 miles. In the month of February alone he has ran 63.9 miles and biked another 57.4 miles! And after he does all that he still has the energy to blog. What an inspiration.

So if you need someone to help you get off your butt and get moving Jason The Running Man may be the guy to get you going. Run by there and say hey to him! Just make sure that you tell him Jessie from Who Are We sent you via The Bestest Blog of All Time.


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