Bestest Blog of the Day: 03/01/2007

Memoirs of an Inmates Wife
...reviewed by Empress Bee of Muffin53....

I was searching through the blogs I had to choose from and hitting one after another, next one, next one, and then it happened. I hit one that I read all the way through. Every word she wrote. How many times does this happen? She is the wife of an inmate. She is the mother of five. She holds down a job and has made a home for her family. She loves her husband very much and is waiting for him to return.
She is educating us to what it is like to be in this situation from her first hand experience. I think she should write a book. Sometimes things are not as they seem. And sometimes good people do a bad thing. It should not mean their life is over. It should mean they can earn a new beginning. That is what this family is doing. And I think doing it very well.

With that, I give you Memoirs of an Inmate's Wife. Please go leave her a comment of encouragement. She could use some kind words y'all... Thanks, bee


Skittles said…
I went there and I agree with Miss Bee!
Gene Bach said…
Good stuff!
Anonymous said…
I, too, read every word, it was captivating. Check this one out!
pinoymaclover said…
Great journal! The topic is very unique and interesting.

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