Anonymous Email [PPP]

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Have you ever wanted to send an Anonymous Email? Maybe someone from work is pissing you off and you'd like to tell them what's what without them knowing it's you. Maybe you have a little secret crush on someone and wanna let them know how you feel without disclosing who you are. It's kinda like the high tech, new age way of passing someone an unsigned note or slipping something into their mailbox. I date someone to send me an Anonymous Email and I'll try and guess who you are!


Lexa Roséan said…
you mean you DARE someone to send you an anonymous email. I don't know, sounds kinda creepy to me.
Rajiv Narula said…
Not truely annonymous
Read the FAQ section
1) They need your credit card information to reister
2) They may share your personal information (though not content) with third arties
3) They may reveal the identity in certain cases
4) The recepient may find out who the sender is (see teh q- can the employer find out who the sender is ?)

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