Wireless Weather [PPP]

Are you a weather fanatic like me? I watch the news just for the weather. I go to Weather.com several times a day. Especially in the winter time...being a teacher I like to know when a snow day may be coming my way! My summer time activities are very crucial on it NOT raining. That's why I think Brookstone's wireless weather forecaster is perfect for me. It's a little picture-frame sized device that gives you the upcoming 5 day forecast. That's right wireless. No modem, no phone line, nothing! I think it's totally awesome and could certainly save me a lot of time searching out my weather elsewhere. I could put it right on my coffee table. If I were going to give this as a gift I would give it to myself first and foremost, and probably whoever's house I visit the most secondly so I could see the weather when I go there as well.


Parley said…
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