This Week's Updates

Another pretty nice week on the updates front...84 new blogs in total, all viewable in the Recent Additions. Congratulations go out to this week's Featured Blog, The 11th sure to check him out. Below are the rest of the details for this week's updates.

New to the Top 100:
9. 11th Commandment, 23. Online Investing to Earn Money, 37. Pest Control Information and Facts, 40. Helpful Advice for Home Construction Improvement, 46. A Musing Farf, 62. Money, Matter, and More Musings, 66. Get a Klu, 72. House Renovation on a Budget

Moving Up in the Top 100:
1. Skittles' Place, 2. Doctor Anonymous, 25. Surviving NJ, 27. A Girl Worth Saving, 38. Big Leather Couch, 60. Sgt. Dub, 67. Blog About Your Blog, 86. Sejant Before the Muse

Dropping Off the Top 100:
-She Says It's Pretty Dumb, -Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind, -Stormdrane's Blog, -Colloquium, -Clutzy's Clutzes, -The Awkward Epiphany, -Rogers Bla Bla, -Bobbarama


Skittles said…
Welcome back, Bobby :)

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