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Hey, do you want a free Norton Antivirus download? If you know how important virus software is and how expensive it can be, then your answer is undoubtedly yes. If you don't know how important virus software is, then you probably don't have any and your computer may soon explode! You need it more than the first guy! You may want to check out the Norton Antivirus Reviews to see why Norton has quickly and securely claimed its place as the number one source for protecting your computer. By the way, did I mention all this is free? That's probably my favorite word in the English language, hehe.
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 7:48 PM   [-]
  • At 2:55 AM, Blogger The Beach Bum said…

    "did I mention all this is free? That's probably my favorite word in the English language, hehe." Bobby Griffin

    Bobby admit that you favorite word is not "free" it's "money" as in "show me the money".

    I do not disrespect what you do, in fact, I admire your ingenuity. I also envy you for your ability to make money while blogging. This is something that I have tried to accomplish with little success.

    As for Norton, I have use their AV for 10 years and have stayed relatively virus free - I did get Sasser the very first day that it attacked. I worked it out of my system on the same day that Norton put up the removal tool. I spent 13 hours of computer time fighting this worm. I won!

    Keep up the good work and trying to teach me how I can make a couple bucks Blogging

    The Beach Bum

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