Rug Sale [PPP]

Do you live in Scottsdale, Arizona? No, how about Los Angeles, California? Still no, how about New York City, New York? Well, if you happen to live in or near one of these towns and have a thing for Designer rugs then you'll definitely want to read on! Tufenkian carpets is having their semi-annual designer rug sale! This isn't like 12 packs of soda that you can usually catch on sale every other week at the grocery store. Designer rugs are a very hot, trendy item and you won't find a SALE on items like this very often. Heck, you can save 10% just by registering! And don't worry, Tufenkian has assured me before asking me to write this post for them that they do NOT use child labor (a common problem in the industry). So relax!


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