RockStartUp [PPP]

Rock Start Up is Pay Per Post's (my favorite "get paid to blog" site) attempt at reality tv. Well, it's not actually on TV, it's on the computer. Unless you have a TV screen for a computer screen, then I guess it is on TV. But it's certainly reality. I think I've heard the term webisode thrown around...kinda like an episode but on the web. I like that term and it will now become part of my vernacular.

Pay Per Post is a relatively young company (just started up this past summer basically). But they are doing REALLY well. Rock Start Up chronicles their journey from the beginning to where they are today and will continue to keep track of where they are going. My favorite episode to date was definitely the first one. Though there have been some other really good ones (VEGAS WEDDING BABY!), the first one is just the most interesting and introspective. It really shows a lot of character and adds to some suspense to whether or not the company will succeed. I think you will enjoy it, and if you aren't already hooked on the web documentary that is Rock Start Up it is definitely where you need to start (this isn't one of those catch up in the middle's more like "Lost", you need to see EVERYTHING). So, check out the first episode below and let me know what you think.


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