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Pay Per Post (the super duper awesome company where you can advertise on blogs or put ads on your blog and make over $1500 like I did, see left side bar for a link) has another fabulous new promotion. The title of the promotion is called "Review My Post." It is a new part of Pay Per Post's revamped affiliate program. How it works is you put a little graphic after all your posts. If a non Pay Per Post user clicks the graphic, they will be prompted to join the program and be paid $7.50 to review your post. In exchange for referred this person, Pay Per Post will also pay you $7.50. So let's see here, you get $7.50, and the new person gets $7.50...PLUS! you get a nice review about your post, an extra link, and therefore some extra exposure. Sounds like a win win situation! I think it's great personally. Tell me another company out there that will pay you, to have someone review your own blog, and pay that person in the process. Ok, well if you sign up here for free, there's a chance I'll review your blog (if it's the bestest), but there's not any money exchanging hands in the process!


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