Rerun Sunday: 02/04/2007

Central American Rhapsody: A Cautionary Tale Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World"

Today's Morgen Monday comes to us from that wild little country of Honduras. That's right kids, it's time for Miss Jill to share some hilarious moments at a Central American Rhapsody: A Cautionary Tale.

Jill is a 25 year old Mormon who teaches 6th graders in Honduras. She believes in doing something good in her life, and clearly she believes in doing it with a great sense of humor. Frankly, I had to get a map to locate Honduras, and I can only imagine what it's like there -- she has her own bodyguard (he wears a t-shirt that says "Player") but, she also has her own maid (who wears knock-off Hilfiger t's). Jill's Honduras is the land of cheap hit men, fawning church women who make horrific bakegoods (carmelized treebark, Jill writes), and a place where menthol Halls are divine treats. I guess after eating carmelized treebark, popping a Halls like a mint doesn't sound so bad.

Being a teacher, some of Jill's greatest stories come from her time with her students. While her choir cracks me up, it is little Juan who makes me laugh out loud -- he is a little fashionista, think a young Hispanic Carson Kressley. Then, of course, there are the classic lines -- like the answers she received when she asked her students: What is your best school memory?

So check out Miss Jill at Central American Rhapsody, find out why "Banana Republic isn't just a store at the mall," and tell her that Morgen and Bestest Blog sent you. Make sure to bring enough Halls so everyone can have one!


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Skittles said…
Good job (again) Morgen.. great blog :)
R2K said…
Scary place to live.

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