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As you may have noticed, I have finally switched over to New Blogger. Trust me, it wasn't by choice, they made me do it! Yesterday I was lucky enough to catch a $35 opportunity in Pay Per Post. When I tried to log in to Blogger it automatically redirected me to switch. Not wanting to fool around and potentially lose the opportunity, I made the switch.

Anyway, I am currently experiencing some growing pains related to switching and hope to have them worked out soon. I apologize in the meantime for any difficulties you have navigating the site or any decrease in traffic you may experience (albeit temporary). Don't forget to check out today's carnival!


Lexa Roséan said…
Hi Bobby
well I wish you luck with the new blogger but I just want to mention that my traffic stats from you have been down for a while. I've been seeing almost twice as many referral hits from bloggers Next button than from your Bestest Random blog button on all my sites. Even the two premium ones. And yes today, those numbers fell even lower. I hope you'll work out the kinks soon. I will add that the visitors that came through the Top 100 on your sidepanel increased. and that's a great thing. but I'm still not convinced about the effectiveness of your random blog button as it doesn't seem to be working for me.
Sunflower said…
My traffic stats from the bestest random button has been down since this week too.

Now I know the reason:-)

Hope you pass the switching pain soon!

Happy Valentine's Day too ALL!

I will Exercise for Comments!
msquared said…
I hope your able to work things out.
I have noticed lately that when using the randomblog button in Firefox that it will freeze/crash Firefox on me, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with moving over to New BLogger or not.

I also have noticed that while surfing blogs using the RandomBlog Button while in Safari that I can't comment on blogs, I never have that problem while using Firefox but like I said I have other problems with FireFox in regards to the RandomBlog Button
Skittles said…
Everything looks good to me.. hope you get it worked out :) Happy Valentine's Day to you and your wife.
Dr. A said…
I was forced to switch as well. I'm still working out some kinks about two weeks later. Hope it gets better for you soon.

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