Net Actuate [LL]

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VR hosted is changing their name to Net Actuate. First of all these guys have been around awhile. How can I tell? They have one of the very few coveted domain names with only 2 letters: Recently, one of the last domain names of this kind I heard got sold for several hundred thousand dollars. So, if they weren't in this for real, for big business, they'd take they 100 G's and cash out. This company is a hosting company primarily, but also offer other services such as Business VoiP. They have some sweet hosting packages if any of you bloggers are looking to move off of Blogspot or Wordpress and onto to your own domain. Their first plan at only $10 a month comes with- 5GB ( 5000 MB) web space, - Linux + SELinux, - Daily, Weekly, Monthly backups!, - 100gb/mo transfer, - Dedicated IP Address, - 50 imap/pop3 accounts, - Unlimited Forwards, - Unlimited Subdomains, - Unlimited MySQL Databases,, - SSH Access, - Spam Filters, - Webmail, - Control Panel, - SSL Support*, - 10 Addon Domains, and - Easy Open Source Installer. Their second comes with 10 Gigs of space and 20 add on domains! Why don't you check it out?
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