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Have you ever heard of the Purple Cow Law Firm? I am not joking around, there is an actual law firm called the Purple Cow Law Firm. Why the silly name? My guess is it is to appeal to the common person who needs legal assistance. Let the wealthy business men hire the Schwartz, Schwartz, O'Malley, Harrison, and Scwartz law firm. Ok, well they do have another name, it's the Brodsky Law Firm. But still, I think that is what they are going for in this advertising campaign. Why do I think that? Because they offer legal services at an average of 70% less than the standard going rates. A lot of times you don't need a fancy high priced lawyer, you just need someone to represent you in a standard, straight forward legal situation. No loop holes, no insanity pleas, no million dollar lawsuits, just normal stuff like making a will or negotiating a lease for an apartment. If you need the other stuff, then by all means buy the best money can buy with their fancy multi thousand dollar suits and their limosines and their uptown Manhattan skyscraper office suites. Is what I'm saying making any sense? It is to me! I hope you enjoyed my rant, I don't need a lawyer now, but who knows what 2007 will bring. I may be scrolling through my blog trying to find this post come summer time.


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