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To PayPerPost reviewer: Two of the categories for this post were business and technology. First of all, this is a blog about blogging. Maybe blogs may be second natute to those of you at PPP, but to most of us they are still pretty advanced technology. I blog about a lot of web tools as well such as PayPerPost, LoudLaunch, Agloco, Google Adsense, Adbrite, ReviewMe, MyBlogLog, Technorati, HTML, Javascript. Not to mention quite a few that have nothing to do with blogging, most recently Pandora and Imeem.

As far as business is concerned, I consider running this blog to be a business as it has been netting me in excess of $1000 per month (outside of PPP ventures). I post at least once a week (usually 3 or 4 times a week) to discuss the progress of this business venture of mine.

To say that this blog is neither business nor technology is absurd. I have referred over 800 clicks to your company's site and have spoken nothing but praise. But to reject me on this post, especially after it has been up and getting hits and getting indexed by Google for 3 weeks is insane. I have been rejected before for similar reasons, but after appealing to the reviewer as I have above, it has been accepted. Thank you for reading, and for the benefit of the advertiser, I will certainly remove this section of text WHEN my post is accepted.

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Do iBackup? No, but I probably should. I've heard horror stories of people losing their blogs because of a Blogger malfunction. Well, it's a free service, so you get what you pay for! With a blog with as much information as this, I should probably have some sort of Online Storage and Backup. I don't backup yet, but if I did I would back up with iBackup. I've read that they are the perfect Online Storage and Backup site for small businesses, which is what I consider myself. They'd be perfect for someone like me for a few reasons. (1) They're affordable. (2) They are reliable. The reason they're so affordable is because they don't make you purchase HUGE amount of data. Some sites have plans starting with 1 terabyte (1000 gigabytes) or information. I WOULD NEVER USE THAT MUCH! iBackup has much more sensible plans for a small endeavour like mine!


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