How Much I've Made [PPP]

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Pay Per Post is paying me to tell you how much I've made puttings their ads on my blogs. Well, to this day I've been paid $1223.54 already! That is money that is already in my bank account. That does not include the $387.38 that I have coming my way in the next 30 days (it will be $397.38 after I submit this post). Since they'd like for me to write 200 words on the topic, I thought I'd share some of the awesome things I've bought with my money. Ok, they're not that awesome, because I'm notoriously cheap. In fact, most of that money is probably put away in savings. But, having made about $800 before Christmas time, I declared to my wife that Pay Per Post is paying for all our presents. And they did, with some money to spare...and Christmas time is the one time of the year I'm not notoriously thrifty. Besides that I just attribute Pay Per Post with making the life of a high school math teacher a little more tolerable. I am actually able to save up some money and not have to live pay check to pay check which is always nice! Thanks Pay Per Post and thank you readers for reading!


Wow - you've earned a LOT! Between PPP and The Bestest Blog, you'll be a RETIRED math teacher in no time :)

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