Growing Pains

Hey guys, just a quick status update. This site is still experiencing some technical difficulties on my end of things and may be inadvertently affecting your Bestest Blog experience. Thank you for your patience as I try and sort these things out. I'll keep you updated if anything new comes up.


Rajiv Narula said…
could this have something to do with my earlier comment that I am not getting any trafic all of a sudden?
Thanks !!!
Julie said…
Yikes! This explains my sudden drop in visitors. What would I do without Bestest Blog's Random Blog Button?! It's only when it's missing that you truly appreciate it... :-) Eh, I know you'll be back up and running in no time.
Todd said…
That must explain why I haven't seen any difference in my blog traffic even though I paid to be one of your Premium Blogs. Does this mean we get any extra time in our slot?
Rajiv Narula said…
How do I contact you ?
I am having issues with by Blog ever since I installed the Random Button
I would appreciate a response or an update.
I am not even sure if you are monitoring teh comments- I guess you woudl be- right ?

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