Goji Berries [LL]

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I am a very picky drinker. I don't like much. My appetite for soda has waned recently, and I'll only drink it now if I am at a party or something and there's nothing else better...I never buy it at home. I've never been into the hot drinks, coffee and tea. And don't think that that means that I like iced coffee, because I certainly don't. Iced tea is good though, the really sugary kinds like Brisk. As for alcoholic drinks, I do NOT like beer. Call me a freak, but it's true. My favorite is probably Mike's Hard Lemonade. The one thing I really like, and have always really liked are juices. Apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, they're all great in my book! One juice that I've been hearing a lot about, but haven't had a chance to try yet is Goji Juice. It's supposedly much healthier than regular juices, tastes just as good, and contains helpful antioxidants to help fight the aging process. Goji Berry Juice is of course made from goji berries. You probably haven't heard of this type of berry. It's found exclusively in the Tibet area of China, mostly in the Himalayas. What a berry is doing growing in the mountains is beyond me, but that certainly gives it an air of mystery and intrigue. At least to me it does.
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