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One thing that I have claimed to be a pseudo expert on here on my blog is Search Engine Optimization. I've talked about Page Rank. I've talked about keyword targeting. But I am a novice, a green thumb, a fledgling, compared to the guys over at eTraffic Jams. The case story they are asking me to analyze is pretty incredible. It was for a website called FurnitureESuperStore dot com (which is actually pretty ironic because my wife and I have been furniture shopping quite a bit as of late, anyway...). They took this site and made it a search engine competitor. They sky rocketed 50 of the sites targeted keywords into the top 10 sites on Google (and after all, does ANYONE really click on anything beyond the top 10?). Plus, about 30 of those 50 were in the top 5 (that is to say, it's likely to be seen without having to scroll down). The site's traffic increased by 131%...that means it more than doubled the site's previous traffic for those of you who aren't good at math. And for a furniture site and people searching for furniture keywords, you could imagine that this spiked their sales profit. Now, I wouldn't recommend this site for just anyone. After all, they do charge a fee...but if you have a business website or a business blog, then this could definitely be what you need to see yourself to big time sales!


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