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I've been known to write an ad or two just for the hell of it when I had no interest in the product. Sorry! I just want to start off by saying that that is not the case here. Cafe.com is a new site currently in beta. Their offering to the online world: a social community to meet people and play games. When I was younger...think ages 14-20, I was VERY, VERY into online games. Now, I wasn't your typical internet geek who didn't have any real life friends. I have real friends...but instead of playing basketball at the local court, we played internet games from the comfort of our own home. Cafe.com looks pretty awesome! And the fact that they're still in the beta stages makes it even awesomer. I definitely see a lot of potential for this site, but they're already providing several cool games and the ability to create a unique avatar and socialize with other gamers. Oops, did I mention all of this was free?? That should've been the first thing I mentioned. That was of course a prerequisite of my friends and me, since we were poor teenagers (though we did eventually end up shelling out a few bucks for a few select games). I could definitely see us being into this site then, and I am still pretty into it now! Hope you enjoy!
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