Big Money [PPP]

Pay Per Post has been rolling out some big money opportunities lately! This has to do mostly with their new segmentation and ranking system. There's even an update for $1000, but you have to be Page Rank 8 to take it. There are a couple of other opps in the triple digits that you have to be Page Rank 6 or higher. But in the last week or so days, myself being a Page Rank 5, have landed some big money opps. I've had 2 50 dollar opps, 2 35 dollar opps, 1 30 dollar opp, 1 20 dollar opp, and a bunch of 15 and 10 dollar opps (this one included is a 15). The moral of the story is that now the biggest, more trafficked blogs (like mine) are making some bigger money, while the other blogs still get paid to blog about the 7, 8, 9, 10 dollar opps they are used to! So everyone wins!

Another interesting thing I found in this opportunity is Pay Per Post sharing how much THEY make. For each post I do, there is a 35% fee that they collect for themselves. So, for this $15 post, Pay Per Post is making $5.25. Compare this to ReviewMe's site, where if someone wanted to pay me $15, they'd also have to pay ReviewMe $15. That's a 100% fee. Not cool ReviewMe. Way to go Pay Per Post!!


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