Bestest Blog of the Day: 02/06/2007

Soliloquies Exposed......That Frolicsome Kid
...a guest blogger review by Mimi Lenox of Mimi Writes

Sociology, sweet school crushes, best friends tiffs and endless worry about class subjects. Sound like high school?
It is.
How many teenagers do you know who describe themselves like this? "I'm just another 16 year old guy who acts very naively and ignorant of life. I live in a fantasy world, where my life is simply perfect. And that life I know of is slowly ebbing away from me, leaving me vulnerable to the harsh reality. Let's just say my own bubble was burst. And I shall sit and ramble my soliloquys, hoping that someone can listen to my daily predicaments."
Meet Frolicsome Kid.
This blog has a clandestine feel with a dash of mystery. That's saying a lot for one still wet-behind-the-ears. Read this adorable post called "My Crushes" about a girl named Carrot (sorry, FK! Adorable just seems to fit you!) And brainy. And kind. And thoughtful. And sincere. But getting back to adorable....."I remember my heart doing flipflops when I neared her." Fast forward a few grades "I drew her to a secluded corner and...." I told you! Mystery! Intrigue! Romance! He's quite a character.
But what is special about Frolicsome Kid's essays has nothing to do with his fast-paced teenage life (although that in itself is interesting) - I admire the way he honestly relates to his readers.
I particularly enjoyed his account of a trip he took to Taiwan and Singapore with his family. Then there are the surprises he seems to always stumble into, like the day his best friend found his secret blog. Yikes! Technically savvy, bright and funny, this kid always has something relevant to say. And he says it in a big way! Please don't miss his NaNoWriMo book HERE.
Frolicsome Kid is a web published author with a novel called Kinderella.
We're impressed, Kid.
I hope you'll visit this witty young man, read a bit of his book, maybe leave a sage comment or two - you remember when you were that age, don't you? - and tell him Mimi and Bestest Blog sent you!
Congratulations, Frolicsome. Your blog friends think you're very cool.

Note from Bobby: This blog has the sweetest template I've seen in awhile! This site is worth checking out for that reason alone (plus everything Mimi wrote!)


Mimi Lenox said…
You're right, Bobby. I should have mentioned his awesome template. I hope this made Kid's day. He's awesome.
OH MY GOSHH!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for awarding me this, Mimi and Bobby! I really appreciate it! And thanks for the great review Mimi! =D

This is a really pleasant surprise, and it completely made my day! =D =D I totally flew into Cloud 9 after reading this!

Once again, thank you very, very much! =) =)
kingsten said…
If you're 18 or older, my blog may be of interest to you!
Nickolas said…
looks good :o
SEARCH said…
good blog, i am from indonesia, i want to be your friend............?
Annelisa said…
I nominated FK for the teenage and Indonesian categories in the Bloggies - unfortunately he didn't make finalists, but I reckon he deserved to!!

Well done, FK! Congratulations! (and nice write-up Mimi and Bobby!)
Thanks guys! =) Anyway, annelisa, no I'm not Indonesian, nor do I live there. =P
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Anonymous said…
OK - if thats the sort of thing you like....
Mrs Lifecruiser said…
He is an awesome writer, especially for being so young. One of my favorites since quite a while back :-)

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