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These days computers are becoming more and more important. I'm not just talking about the entertainment they provide us chatting with friends, streaming videos, downloading music, blogging (of course). I'm talking about IMPORTANT stuff. For example, this will be the first year I am doing my taxes on the computer. I also have other important things like a copy of my resume and grades for the classes I teach. If I lose all that stuff, I am SCREWED! That's why it is a good idea to look into Online Backup and Storage. And this company is the best, I had heard of them previous to writing this review. Now, it's not free. Although there are free services out there...remember you get what you pay for! iBackup won't let you down when it counts (and even if it's not free, it's not THAT expensive either). Check it out!


Rainbow said…
I was suspicious of this product initially. Then I thought, “what the hell, let me just download the trail version of these guys who think they are too good and try it out”. That was when a few things which caught my attention.

After I downloaded the trail version, I could just login to the online backup account and then manage the backups I have scheduled. With IBackup's Web-Manager I could do a lot like create folders, upload files, rename, move, delete files/folders. I could even share files and folders with others for collaborative access. I just had to enable the “Private Share” feature which allows me to instantly share data with another user.

Just an e-mail id was enough to create the share link. I could also drag-and-drop files and folder from my online backup account to my machine.

Unlike this, Box.Net required a signup for sharing files. It also had browser rendering errors that has to be fixed. I never thought managing data with IBackup would be made so simple. I have to admit that these guys are really good.

- Crystal

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