Amazon Savings [PPP]

To the PPP Reviewers:
To say that my blog is not about technology is insane. First of all, yes, my main topic that I blog about is blogging. I know working at PayPerPost, you must get jaded with blogs, but they are most definitely a form of technology! My mother would not know how to make a blog or even read a blog. And beyond that, I do talk about other topics on technology, especially ones that help out other bloggers such as: PayPerPost (duh), LoudLaunch, ReviewMe, Performancing, MyBlogLog, LinkExperiment, 2000Bloggers, etc. I was given the opportunity to categorize my blog, and technology is DEFINITELY fitting for my blog. Thank you and have a good day.

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Wow, this site is an amazing idea! offers its customers Amazon Price Protection. How it works is, you buy an item from Amazon through Amazing Refund. If at any point during the next month Amazon lowers the price on the item you bought, Amazing Refund sends you an email with easy instructions on how to be refunded for the difference. I buy a ton of stuff from Amazon, especially around Christmas time. It would be REALLY nice to be able to buy something knowing full well that it won't go on sale for 30% off the next week and leave me crying that I didn't hold out!


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