Turkey [PPP]

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No, not the delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas staple food...the country. Did you know that there used to be a city named Constantinople that was part of the Ottoman Empire? Well, times have changed Constantinople is now Istanbul (just like the "They Might Be Giants song) and the Ottoman Empire is (among other places) modern day Turkey. Maybe you might want to buy some Turkish property in Istanbul (you can call it Constantinople if you want...I know I like that name better!)


Osman said…
Turkish people prefer it to be called as istanbul ;) if you call it as constantinople when you meet with a Turkish, i recommend you to remember what i said :)
eLauGhS :-) said…
Constantinople is the name of Instanbul before the Turkish invasion and captivity.
Lexa Roséan said…
at one time, Ottoman Empire included most of Europe and Asia. Well, I would love to have a house in Istanbul so I'm going back to follow the link and see what's up with this.

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