PPP Merger [PPP]

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So, Pay Per Post (the super company that I use to make money on my blog here) has bought out another popular "money making on blogs" site Performancing dot com. I tried to use Performancing a while back, but was not impressed. Let me tell you why. Performancing relies on advertisers to specifically select your blog to run their ad on....as opposed to Pay Per Post where you pick the ads to run on your blog (assuming you pick the specifications of the advertisers). Well, no one seemed to want to run any ads on my blog, so I didn't make any money!! Oh well... Now many Pay Per Post will fix it up and make it more worth while. I'll have to keep tabs on what kind of changes they make and report back from time to time. Let's just hope they don't call it Pay Per Post Performing--PPPP! Too many P's! By the way, Pay Per Post, if you wanna buy out my blog...I may budge if the price is right!


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