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I must say that on the whole I am pretty content with my current position in life. However, hypothetically if I were to win the lottery tomorrow, one of the things on the top of my list would be a big screen TV (once I moved into my new mansion of course). Neither me nor my family has ever owned a TV bigger than 25 inches. I am way into TV and movies and video games, and I would certainly make good use of it. Ok, so that's where today's sponsor comes in. PixelProtector - Screen Burn Removal and Dead Pixel Fixer. There is a greater risk of damaging larger TV's. Plus, repairing a TV is expensive. PixelProctector fixes screen burn, fixes dead pixels, helps you set your TV up to get the best picture, and has screensavers...makes sense...my TV screen is more expensive than my computer screen! So it protects and repairs. Now, I don't need this for my tiny TV, but I might someday. Heck, even if I win the lottery doesn't mean that I'm going to get careless and just let all my enw stuff get ruined! P.S. If anyone wants to send me some lottery tickets, I will gladly accept them! Especially powerball tickets, that's the big bucks we're talking about!


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